3 Simple Things to Start Painting

Starting painting is not hard to start and learn. All professional is all started in being a beginner. So, don’t think that you can’t do it. You need to learn and practice until you become a good painter. There are some of the tools that may help you to start painting for you as a beginner.


As a beginner, you didn’t know yet what is the best surface that you may use. There are so many surfaces in your surroundings that you may use as a surface just like Papers, Cardboards, or on loosed canvas.

In the paper, you can ink drawing, watercolor painting, and even an acrylic painting. But if you are going using an acrylic, you must need a heavier grade paper for your painting to avoid ripple and buckle of pigments. The smooth paper is easier to use, especially when you are working of more detail in your painting, while the Texture paper is suitable for your loose, gestural painting ideas.

Cardboard is the best tool for your acrylic painting. You don’t need to buy a new one if ever you have cardboard that you can recycle.

Loose Canvas where you can place on your floor and can be attached to your wall if ever you don’t have a primed. Avant-Garde is one of the artists that been painted on loose canvas and made a good painting.


As a beginner, you don’t need to buy all kinds of brush, and you need to have a good quality brush for your painting. You need to choose a brush with a high quality that you can use very well. Some are recommended the filbert brush because it has an almond shape, soft edge, and round tip that perfect for your painting and can make many strokes.


Choosing for your palette you going to use is not essential that you have an expensive one. You May choose the simple one, just now. Putting always the colors in the same order is makes you memorize it.

If you already have the right surface, brush, and pallet, it is time for you to start painting.

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